• What are the system requirements?

    Loupedeck original:

    Windows® 10
    Mac® OS 10.13, Mac® OS 10.12, Mac® OS 10.11, Mac® OS 10.10


    Windows® 10
    Mac® OS 10.13, Mac® OS 10.12

  • Working with MacOS Mojave and setting permissions

    The Loupedeck software is compatible with MacOS Mojave. However, new security features were added to Mojave and these need to be allowed for the Loupedeck to function.

    Please follow the steps below:
    – Click the Apple icon on the Mac-menu bar
    – Select System Preferences
    – Select Security & Privacy
    – Select Privacy
    – Go to Automation
    – Check that the System Events box is ticked under Installer (if not then check it)
    – Go to Accessibility (still in Security & Privacy)
    – Find Loupedeck2 and tick the box and apply

    After changing the settings, pop ups asking for permission may appear. The permissions should be granted for the Loupedeck to work.

  • Where can I download the configuration software?

    You can download the latest version of the configuration software at Loupedeck.com/setup

  • How do I make sure I always have the latest version of the configuration software?

    Please visit Loupedeck.com/setup to download the latest version of the configuration software.

  • Why it is important to update the configuration software?

    Updated configuration software is released to fix bugs, add new functions, this will ensure that you have full support from Loupedeck for your current editing software.

  • I unzip the installation file, but it gets deleted right away.

    Some virus scanners are programmed to protect your computer from new software that is unfamiliar. The software will then be deleted or disabled.

    To prevent this either disable your virus scanner or ask it to exclude Loupedeck configuration software in its threat assessment. Then uninstall the Loupedeck software and install it again from Loupedeck.com/setup.

    Here is how to do it with Avast: http://bit.ly/2t2Rrf4

    Using a feature like CyberCapture that prevents all new software from running can also cause problems.

    To turn this feature off in Avast, follow these instructions: http://bit.ly/2uTNZ3M

  • I have installed Loupedeck on our shared computer, but other family members/users cannot see it in their profile

    Loupedeck software only installs for one user. Please install the software for the other family member/user accounts.

  • What is keyboard mode?

    Keyboard mode is a way to use dedicated rating buttons as keyboard modifiers (Shift, Cltr, Option/Win -key, Alt, Tab, Esc, Enter). Please see the user guide on how to enable keyboard modifiers.

Adobe Lightroom

  • Does Loupedeck+ support Adobe Lightroom 6?

    Yes, Lightroom 6 is supported. However, some limitations may exist due to Lightroom 6’s SDK.

  • I am having a PORT or TCP issue and Loupedeck does not work.

    This can be caused by a corrupted Mac hosts file. Restore hosts files back to original to fix the issue.

  • Loupedeck tells me that no photo editing application is running even when it is

    Check that Loupedeck2 plugin is enabled in Lightroom’s plug-in manager. If the plugin is missing, contact our support by filling in the form at the bottom of this page.

  • Loupedeck does not work when using Quick Develop in Library mode

    Lightroom 6 and configuration software 1.5.x does not support Quick Develop functions.

    Support for editing in Library Mode has been added by Adobe to Lightroom 7.4 and is supported by Loupedeck Configuration Software 2.1 with Loupedeck+.

  • Are you planning on supporting older versions of Lightroom?

    No, Lightroom 5 has limited support for external devices so we are unable to support this version of Lightroom.

  • I adjust, for example, the Hue channel with Loupedeck and then use the mouse to select the Sat channel from Lightroom, but Loupedeck does not follow my actions. The same happens when using Clr/BW mode. Why?

    When you press HUE from Loupedeck, it sends the command to Lightroom and stays synced. But if you change to SAT with mouse from Lightroom’s user interface, Lightroom does not send any commands back to Loupedeck to indicate the change. So Loupedeck stays in HUE-mode and Lightroom in SAT-mode.

  • My Lightroom doesn’t seem to work with Loupedeck.

    When using Loupedeck+ you need Loupedeck configuration software 2.0beta or higher which is compatible with Lightroom 7.4. or higher.

    Loupedeck Original and configuration software 1.5.1 (mac) and 1.5.2 (win) is only compatible with Adobe® Lightroom® 6 or Adobe® Lightroom® Classic CC (2015).

  • How does Loupedeck command Lightroom? What is an SDK command?

    Adobe offers a suite of SDK commands for hardware and software developers that drives Lightroom internally. Pressing a button or using a dial with Loupedeck activates these commands.

    Although user can see sliders moving on screen, Loupedeck is not physically moving that particular slider – Loupedeck is activating an inner command and the slider on the onscreen user interface  is following that internal command.

  • Why don’t keyboard modifiers always work in Lightroom?

    Where Loupedeck controls Lightroom via keyboard shortcuts keyboard modifiers will work.

    When Loupedeck commands Lightroom via SDK functions the keyboard modifiers cannot be used in conjunction with these functions, this would requite a second dedicated command within the SDK which currently isn’t supported.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • After installing Loupedeck software, why won’t my Loupedeck+ connect with Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

    Please follow the instructions below when setting up your Loupedeck+ with Adobe Premiere Pro. If you are still experiencing difficulties please read our Adobe Premiere user manual.

    How to Set up your Loupedeck+ with Adobe Premiere Pro CC:


    1. While Loupedeck softare is running, open Adobe Premiere Pro CC
    2. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Control surface -> Push “Add”
    3. Select “Loupedeck 2” and accept

    1. While Loupedeck software is running, open Adobe Premiere Pro CC
    2. Go to Premiere Pro CC -> Edit -> Preferences ->
    Control surface -> Push “Add”
    3. Select “Loupedeck 2” and accept

Capture One


    使用Loupedeck测试版支持功能,您需要在CAPTURE ONE中选择正确的键盘快捷键布局。

    Windows系统:打开“编辑”菜单,选择键盘快捷键 -> 将Capture One默认— 布局更改为“Loupedeck”

    Mac Os系统:Capture One 11 菜单(Apple符号左边):“编辑键盘快捷键”

  • 当我尝试转换为LOUPEDECK键盘布局时,我的CAPTURE ONE奔溃了怎么办?

    Capture One安装程序需要将Capture One的键盘快捷键文件夹设置为“可读写”。如果该文件夹被设置为“只读”,那用户就不能随意写入文件夹信息(譬如更改设置),这也会引发程序崩溃。


    1. 在Finder中找到以下路径:/Users/<username>/Library/ApplicationSupport/CaptureOne/KeyboardShortcuts(请注意:“Library”是隐藏文件夹,需要按下‘cmd + shift + . ’组合键取消隐藏)
    2. 该文件夹需要对这台电脑的所有用户开放读写权限。
    3. 您可以通过右击文件夹、选择“Get Info”来更改读写权限。
  • CAPTURE ONE测试版是什么意思?

    我们整合了Loupedeck软件功能使之能够用于Capture One。现在,用户通过键盘快捷键操控Capture One,而不是像Lightroom Aurora HDR那样通过内部指令。在Capture One中使用Loupedeck时,运用键盘快捷键是有部分限制的。通过收集用户的使用反馈,相信我们能够将产品做的更好。

  • 我觉得CAPTURE ONE需要更多的支持功能。



    第一代Loupedeck完全兼容最新版本的Loupedeck配置软件,支持Adobe Lightroom (7.4)Skylum Aurora HDR 2018 (1.2),同时测试版配置软件支持Capture One Pro (11)


Skylum: Aurora HDR

  • Will my old Loupedeck work with Skylum HDR and Capture One or do I need to order a new one?

    The original Loupedeck is fully compatible with the latest Loupedeck Configuration Software which supports Adobe Lightroom (7.4), Skylum Aurora HDR 2018 (1.2) and beta support for Capture One Pro (11).

    However with the original Loupedeck there are restrictions where the physical controls have been updated on Loupedeck+, for example Loupedeck does not have a Custom Mode which features on Loupedeck+ .

  • Why can’t I configure the Loupedeck?

    Currently the Aurora HDR plugin does not support configurability. This will be added for future software updates.


  • What is my warranty cover and how long does it last?

    Loupedeck comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty starting from the original date of purchase covering any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

  • How do I submit a warranty claim?

    If you have purchased the Loupedeck from a dealer, please contact the dealer’s customer service

    If you have purchased the Loupedeck from Loupedeck’s own web shop, please send an email to support@loupedeck.com